New Craftsmanship in Wood, Steel and Glass

June 2nd 2013 - August 31st 2013

This first exhibition in our new gallery space in the Domstraat is about contemporary craftsmanship.

We have invited Atelier Haußmann from Berlin to exhibit their locally sourced and produced products for the first time in the Netherlands. Andreas Haußmann is a beautiful soul who together with his brother makes timeless furniture pieces in steel that surprise but at the same time feel warmly familiar even though it's the first time you see them. The showpiece is surely the bed 'sevenfeetup', a completely handcrafted object, that has become the trademark for the designer and we are very proud to be able to exhibit.

Atelier Haußmann is, as far as we are concerned, steel poetry. Mattiazzi is poetry in wood. Their collection of chairs made from walnut, oak, ash and douglas locally sourced around their amazing workshop in Udine, Italy has been designed by absolute top designers from different european nations. The brothers Nevio &Fabiano Mattiazzi invited Konstantin Grcic, Jasper Morrison, Rowan& Erwan Bouroullec, Sam Hecht and Nitzan Cohen to create in three short years one of the most amazing chair collections on this planet. The highest tech 3d milling machines combined with pure patient hand craftsmanship has produced masterpieces. Feel, touch, sit and enjoy, we expect these pieces to be the antiques of the future.

Dutch new talent Alex de Witte has really surprised everybody with his latest light creations. The creative process that occurs while working with materials like ceramics and glass have led him to develop two light objects that have the capacity to hit one right in the heart. 'The Big Bubble' received the Design District best product prize when it was first introduced a week after we hung up his first pieces. There is something about these large glass bells that make you want to touch them and own them. The 'Light Breeze' combines traditional and very contemporary crafts in one fascinating object. Ceramics and 3D printing technology have, in the hands and mind of Alex, been transformed in one of the most surprising lamps we've seen. One theme produced two entirely different results and both beautiful.

In addition we show steel pieces from Studio Job by Lensvelt and USM Haller, in wood we have the classics by Hans Wegner and Ilmari Tapiovaara, in glass the Bocci lighting masterpieces.

Atelier Haußmann
Alex de Witte

Photos opening #01, June 2nd, 2013

Graphic design Carrie Zwarts
Show photos J. Rodycz