Made in Belgium

October 14th 2017 to February 3rd 2018

What is it about Belgians that they can make such amazingly poetic objects? We have loved many of them through the years and it is time to share this love with you!

In a bi-polar setting we present the new works by Muller van Severen and TheAlfredCollection for valerie_objects in combination with Alain Berteau and Bram Boo’s masterpieces for Bulo, to maximize your experience of these outspoken and optimistic objects of use.
Working at the ‘overdose’ desk or relaxing in the ‘rocking chair’ is just that little bit extra joy in daily life that we all deserve to experience.
We completed this Belgian interior with the latest lighting technology by Modular Lighting Systems.

Many thanks to Desso for supplying the surrealistic neo Persian carpeting and let's not to forget our partner Oasegroen for the finishing ‘green' touch!

Modular Lighting
The Alfred Collection

Photos opening #14, October 13th, 2017
Photos Muller van Severen VIP event, January 10th, 2018
Photos Made in Belgium Finissage, February 1st, 2018

Graphic design Carrie Zwarts
Show photos J. Rodycz