Established & Sons ICONS

July 1st 2020 till October 23rd 2021

Having blown us away with bold talent and design experiments in the first decade of this century, Established & Sons has kept on going and is now more alive than ever!

With fresh energy and surprising new designs by masters Ronan & Erwan Bourroullec, Konstantin Grcic, Jasper Morrison and Sebastian Wrong they are managing to shape the future while reflecting on the past.

Our ICONS show mixes every collector’s must-haves with the newly presented At Work range that wil help to create contemporary post-corona workspaces transforming our gallery into an intelligent, stimulating, multifunctional, creative living and working environment.

Established & Sons

Photos opening #20, July 1st, 2020
Photos Close Encounters, September 17th, 2020 Photos Finissage, October 22nd, 2021

Graphic design Carrie Zwarts
Show photos J. Rodycz