December 24th 2021 till May 1st 2022

Just five years ago, the young Norwegian brand Eikund began their quest to bring back the mid-century modern masterpieces from Norway’s past, as most were no longer in production. No easy task, but the result in just a few years is already stunning!

We are truly honoured that they partnered with us to launch these Nordic icons on the European continent for the first time. After Norway, Copenhagen, New York, London and Melbourne Australia we now present to you, in the historic heart of Utrecht, the skilfully crafted timeless new classics Fluffy, Hertug, Krysse, Veng, Øya, Jaer and a few more beauties, so come along to meet our new Scandinavian friends and who knows, you might even want to take one home!

In addition we invited the talented Dutch Designer Jesse Visser to present his limited edition ‘Beacon of Light’ lamps as we feel they compliment the Norcic feel perfectly.

Jesse Visser

Photos VIP event #21, February 17th, 2022 

Graphic design Carrie Zwarts
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