Atelier Haußmann

Brothers with a passion for metalAndreas and Rainer Haussmann started their company Atelier Haussmann in Berlin in 1990. Where the market is increasingly saturated with newer, better, hipper, more beautiful products, the Haussmann brothers know how to keep their own style. With honest, exclusive design, following their own intuition instead of being guided by the hype of the moment.

The designs often have a hint to the past, a memory of designs from the past, reinterpreted according to their own standards, to make it timeless classics. Not only the designs, but also the execution testifies to pure craftsmanship. Local craft companies carry out the ideas, always with that high quality standard.

“Fashions and trends come and go. We don’t follow any fashions. We try to do as little as possible when we work on our product design. It’s up to the product itself – its desire to be a bed, a hook or a table.”