WONDERS design gallery

We enjoy surprising you with thematic shows featuring contemporary furniture and lighting by talented designers.

We source these products, designers and brands from all over the world and specialise in lesser known gems show-casing exceptional craftsmanship.

Next to the expressive shows we have a large permanent dining chair collection spotlighting the quality brands we proudly represent. The selection spans almost a century from historical icons from the 1930s and ’50s to the newest cutting edge collectables. Give as a call to inform if a specific chair you are looking for is available to try out.

In addition to events for the general public we organize network events and presentations introducing the designers and brands to our architect and interior designer network. Check out the impressive summery of our events in the ultra short film below︎

Opened in 2013 our design gallery has, with its many shows, become a major platform in the contemporay Dutch design scene so please come by and visit us at our historic location in the heart of Utrecht.

Domstraat 25
3512 JA Utrecht

+31 30 231 86 86

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open all week by appointment
walk-in Saturday between 11.00 and 17.00 hours.