Wonders chair gallery

Wonders chair gallery specialises in high-end artisan dining chairs and stools by talented international designers. All timeless and with their own authentic roots.

The collection ranges from the less common Nordic mid-century classics up to the very latest craft masterpieces from as far away as Japan. Plus, a surprising selection of some amazing pieces in between. All pieces are still, again or just in production and can be customised when ordered.

In addition, the Workshop of Wonders interior design studio can support the choices and help select a matching dining table and chandelier to complete your dining experience. If desired, they can also design your entire house, office or hotel.

Every few months the Wonders chair gallery spotlights one of their trusted partners or a carefully selected designer. This way you can get to know more of their background and collection as we then show more of their chairs but also tables, loungers and sofas.

Give as a call to inform if a specific chair you are looking for is available to try out.

Wonders chair gallery
Domstraat 25
3512 JA Utrecht

+31 30 231 86 86

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The Wonders chair gallery is open all week by appointment and every Saturday between 11.00 and 18.00 hours - feel free to walk-in.

If you have any questions you can always send us an e-mail on info@wonders-gallery.nl
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